Channel your inner Rick! Make art that brings joy, evokes a story, creates connection, or transforms a found or ordinary object into a shared experience of beauty. Take photos of the art, the location, and people making or viewing the art, and post them on the Rick Mobbs Facebook group. Four times a year, the Living Artist Foundation will award grants of $500 - $1,000 to selected participating artists or organizers who have brought together joy, wonder and creative expression.

To formally apply, post a short description and your contact information with the photos on Facebook. If you prefer not to use Facebook, you can also publish your photos and a short article in your local paper and share that via email.


In honor of Rick's creative joy, we have established a small donor advised fund at the NM Community Foundation. Through this fund we will be able to contribute to projects that engage people in making art and community building through the arts. Gifts are tax deductible. Small grants of $500 - $1,000 will be awarded at least twice annually. Click here to contribute and indicate that the gift is dedicated to the Living Artist Foundation. (soon you will be able to choose it from the drop down menu of designated partners).