Favorite Brother February 28, 2015


Happy Birthday Big Brother.
Thanks for teaching me lots of good stuff.

Thanks for teaching me not to speed. When I was sixteen you threw an apple, as fast as you could, at a tree and told me that I would explode like that if I ever got in an accident while speeding. I have been driving like a little old lady ever since.

Thanks for bringing so many interesting people into my life throughout my formative years. From the countless people that we met on the streets in Boston to the people that you brought to our dining room table, you have taught me to see the good in everyone. Even the really strange ones.

Thanks for punching a guy in the face when he tried to grab me. You taught me to surround myself with protective cavemen. Thanks to you, I married one and I'm raising two.

Thank you for being there when Dad was dying. I remember you stole a black plastic mattress from a gurney so that I could sleep on the floor next to him in the hospital. Glad we were together that night.

And thank you for being there when Mom was dying. We were all taking turns helping her through the night when she was at Betty's. I remember waking you up and telling you that I couldn't do this alone. It was my first and last night shift. You must have told our siblings that I was pathetic and I thank you for that.

You are my Favorite Brother and I am so lucky.
Love you.