Whoops, I totally forgot that I set up this blog.....


I've never been a blogger, never read a blog, and know absolutely nothing about blogs.

Well, that's not exactly true, I know that Rick had a really cool blog, with image prompts that led artists from around the world to write poems, songs and stories related to the images that he posted. It was fun, it was vibrant and it was creative. It was a place to express yourself to the world and not be judged, much like an ordinary visit or encounter with Rick. 

It would be fun to keep his blog going, but I'm not sure how. I've posted my last two birthday rants from facebook below, but after this, not sure what direction to go, or if to go at all. If you have suggestions or would like to post your own rant, please let us know! You could post in the comments below or send an email via the CONTACT bar on his site.

If it's your first time on his blog, (scroll down to RICK's ORIGINAL BLOG) dig in. there's some good stuff from lots of artists buried in these old posts. Happy reading.